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Indian Passport

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Customers can help us by being specific when asking questions. The more information we have, the quicker we can help.

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We know life’s hard. So we try to make it simple: no retainers or legal fees, no appointments that take weeks to book. Share your contact in order to get the most bang for your buck.

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Your team members are ready to help you in minutes with any document questions. A small mistake with your legal situation can cost you dearly. Don’t risk it by relying on amateur advice or sifting through thousands of Google search results on your own.

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Indian Passport

Passport problems? Trouble with your passport renewal? Our passport service can help. Everyone knows the headaches involved in dealing with the embassies and consulates directly. The people working at embassies and consulates are loaded down by complex systems, rules, regulations and laws. As a result, they can only deal with those applications that are correctly and completely processed. They simply do not have the time to do anything out of the way. We ensure that when your application reaches the consulate or embassy, it is complete in all respects and is ready for processing.


We offer quick, efficient and reliable passport services to India for the following service categories:


  • Tatkaal passport service
  • Addition of spouse name after marriage
  • Change of address
  • Change of date and place of birth
  • Change of name
  • Correction of spelling in Parents name
  • Deletion of spouse name in case of Death/Divorce
  • Lost or damaged passport
  • Reissue of passport after 10 years
  • Reissue / Fresh application of passport minor

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